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24/7 AC Repair in Palm Coast, Florida

September 01, 2016

24/7 Air Conditioning Service in Palm Coast, Florida

AC Repair Palm Coast, Florida Living in Florida has its perks. When I lived in the rust belt in the Midwest, air conditioning was not a big issue. If the air conditioning went out at night, I opened the windows because the weather outside was usually in the upper 60’s or low 70’s every summer night. 24/7 ac repair service was not much of an issue. Since I am a resident of Palm Coast Florida, my attitude is not the same. We need air conditioning in my home year round. The summer especially is a problem is the ac unit needs repair. I had a problem with my air conditioning unit in August of 2016. We did the usual maintenance agreement but in mid – August the air conditioning system stopped. The temperature went up to over 80 degrees and it was HOT!

Since I am not used to calling for service after 6 pm, I waited too long and my wife made me call someone at 11:30 at night. I found that Servpro Air Conditioning service has a 24/7 service line and they came out and fixed my air conditioning unit in about an hour. They understand the need for ac repair in Palm Coast when the summer heat hits. My wife was very happy I finally made the repair call and the cost was very reasonable.

AC Repair when You Need It Most in Palm Coast, Florida

They came the next day and installed another part that they noticed would be a problem in the near future and we able to have peace of mind that when we turn on the air condition unit it works. They also sell new systems and gave me a few tips as to when it will become cost effective to change out the old ac system for a new air conditioning system.

AC repair is cost effective and they were able to give me estimates as to when it no longer is smart to call for ac repair. The new ac replacement systems are more cost effective and now I know the options. I am pleased with the service Servpro Air Conditioning Company provides and would recommend them to our friends.

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